Letters to the Editor

Don’t touch Confederate statues; war was not about slavery

President Trump was right on the money; hate and racism must stop - from all sides.

I do not approve of the actions of the individual who drove his car into a crowd and killed someone; however, I also do not approve of the actions of all involved. We may disagree, but if we want to express our viewpoint, we must be willing to listen to others.

I do not believe in removing Confederate statues. The Civil War is over. Move on. The war was about states’ rights.

Yes, slavery was bad, but that is not what the war was about. If we choose to ignore history, we are doomed to repeat it.

I am a Southerner, born and raised here. I am proud to be from the South, but I believe in fair treatment to all.

Jesus said he without sin cast the first stone. Well, I for one, cannot cast the first stone. Can you?

Read history, learn from it, grow from it, but don't erase or change it to fit one viewpoint.

Kenneth Hardee, Conway