Letters to the Editor

Biggest threat to U.S.? Donald Trump

Teflon Don, or our Tweeter in Chief, with more ego than LeBron James has game, is now trying to convince us he's the victim of a witch hunt. He's right on this one - but for the spelling.

It's which hunt, as in, which of his latest, self-inflicted foibles do we focus on first? Which rabbit hole do we go down?

How President Trump manages to retain his ever shrinking base of believers that seem to think he will take them to the Promised Land is more puzzling to me than why professional golfers stare at the cup when they miss a putt.

His promise to drain the swamp seems lost in his steady appointment of a plethora of Goldman Sachs and Wall Street elitists to key positions. He has now elevated his disdain for Washington another level, telling our Boy Scouts that Washington is not a swamp, that it's a cesspool, no a sewer!

Hear that all you Republicans. Sure, let's work together to solve common problems. Let's inspire high-achievers. Let's convince the world, in which we are gaining global unpopularity, that our democratic process should be emulated?

What a role model for our youth. Cross the Donald and you're in his cross-hairs. There is not one person, regardless how credentialed, who hasn't been trashed personally for merely disagreeing with him.

Don't like what you hear? Deem it fake news. Personally, I believe the only thing we have to fear is Donald himself. He even takes on the judiciary for decisions contrary to his own personal way of thinking. If this doesn't frighten you enough, how about his current inquiry into his pardon power, including whether he can pardon himself? Warning: Don't stand in the middle of Fifth Avenue!

This provides a rational explanation for the now-famous Kumbaya cabinet meeting. I've been to board meetings that don't come anywhere close to matching the sycophants professing their love for the leader, save a few attendees with enough self respect to avoid kissing his aura.

I'll end with the good news. The sooner we can call the Braggart-in-Chief's healthcare replacement Trumpcare, the better. I, for one, am looking forward to "such great healthcare, at a fraction of the cost. It's going to be great. Believe me."

The writer lives in Murrells Inlet.