Letters to the Editor

Please take safety concerns of the disabled seriously

Businesses and non-profits need to be cognizant of the disabilities of their patrons. If strollers, wheelchairs or adult strollers are provided for convenience, they should be compliant with current safety regulations.

I had an occurrence at a non-profit where the stroller did not meet current safety guidelines.

I realize that there are monetary constraints, especially for non-profits. When I brought up the safety concern, the response to me was that no one had complained before. My response was that maybe they did not know to be concerned.

Adult strollers should have a break and a strap for the waist, just like strollers for children. Please make sure we keep our senior citizens safe from injury.

Lack of knowledge of safety regulations, or general safety, can be costly, not only for the senior citizen or disabled person, but the business. The American Disability Act allows for access; it does not cover the safety of our disabled.

Rise Perry, Denver, Colorado