Letters to the Editor

Make student choices clearer, simpler

Commencing in eighth grade, the student, along with his parent and school guidance teacher, should have the opportunity of choosing to study the knowledge, skills and intellectual habits in one of three curriculum programs:

1) Good citizenship program:

Prepare students in these general educational qualities for acceptable behavior in a community: the individual rights and privileges of a free man and woman. Regular core subjects should also be taught. The curriculum would not be based upon the intellectual habits needed for higher education preparations. (Graduates would receive a General Education Diploma (G.E.D.)

2) Vocational training program:

A program that prepares students interested in a specific skill or trade as a career pursuit. Regular core subjects are also taught. (Graduates receive a Vocational Training Diploma (V.T.D.)

3) College-level preparation program:

Here the student is engaged in a rigorous level of math, science, reading, writing skills and verbal communication skills. A highly-specialized curriculum offered to only those students pursuing higher education upon graduation. Emphasis is also decided upon successful productivity on SAT and ACT national performance tests. (Graduates receive a College Preparation Diploma) (C.P.D.)

Such offerings might be implemented to better enable students to pursue whatever educational goal they desire.

Thomas Brennan; the writer was Coastal Carolina University golf coach from 1991 to 2000