Letters to the Editor

Democrats want government to control all

Re “Republicans believe in simplistic nonsense” letter by Terry Munson.

Surely Mr. Munson realizes that Democrats also have a simplistic outlook, such as “If you got it, we want it!”

They dream of a country where the government controls every aspect of individual life. This starts with the mantra of income inequality and their constant whine “it just isn’t fair.”

Formally stated: “Since not everyone is equipped with entrepreneurial abilities, it is the obligation of government to enact policies to limit wealth accumulation and thus prevent inequality.”

Whoops! That’s Cuba’s policy and one reason why after more than 50 years of communism, it’s still a third-world hellhole!

Income inequality is largely a result of hard choices that successful people make.

The choice is liberty or servitude, and the Democrats are all in favor of the latter and want bureaucratic “experts” to make decisions for us. Maybe Munson and his liberal pals should look in the mirror before calling republicans simplistic.

R.H. Gruy, Pawleys Island