Letters to the Editor

Cut Trump some slack, will you?

Communication, transparency, compassion, love, oppression, consideration, understanding. These are words and terms we hear every day regarding relations in the United States. Unfortunately, these are empty words that never see positive action.

The world just gets crazier every day. We have a president that if he walked on water, the media and politicians would complain the water was not deep enough or wide enough.

He has to be one of the strongest men in the world to face the daily barrage of criticisms. Back to my opening sentence; I offer this suggestion. Regarding our history (all history), let's apply the golf term “mulligan”; “to forget the first shot, hit another shot and play it” (a do over because you didn't like the first shot).

Let’s all agree to eliminate the past history of all Americans, accept it, and take a history mulligan, then no one would have anything to gripe about, no more riots, protests or other insane things.

Put the words above into action. Media and politicians, cut President Trump some slack.

Alan Sipe, Garden City Beach