Letters to the Editor

Well done, letter writers

Re letters on the Aug. 14 Opinion page by Harold Wiegel, David R. Shetterly and Cathy Ziegler.

I have been an avid reader of The Sun News Opinion page content for several years. Often times, I have found the discussions (letters, editorials, columns) to be a balance between those containing sound logic, deep thought, advanced analysis, and good grammar, or those who demonstrate very shallow thinking, poor syntax, illogical mumbo jumbo and plain old mean- spirited attacks and falsehoods.

The sum total of the letters published on the Aug. 14 Opinion page must receive an A+ for their outstanding literary content. While I didn't necessarily agree with some of the ideas or beliefs the authors argued for or against, the manner, sequence and depth in which they presented said arguments were nothing less than stellar. It was obvious to me that they had done their homework, and then devoted the necessary time to organize their thoughts in ways that were clear, credible and persuasive.

Jobs well done. Watch out Pawleys Island liberal, I see some serious literary competition on the horizon.

Ray Brayboy, Myrtle Beach