Letters to the Editor

Time to stop child-like tweets, Mr. President

As a veteran, I am concerned with the chaos our Commander-In-Tweets creates with his child-like tweets. How can our military put faith in him when he continually tweets out ridiculous accusations and false information, and questions advice from his generals? How can we believe what he says?

Many tweets are designed to deflect criticism and move people's thoughts in his direction. These diversionary tactics might work as the CEO of his company where he had absolute control, but it will not work with Congress and the media.

If Trump is to succeed and implement his policies, he needs Congress and the media on his side. He will not succeed by proposing half-baked policies and insulting people and institutions who disagree with him. Executive Orders do not stand the test of time. They are easily rescinded.

Trump believes all publicity, including negative publicity, is beneficial, but this doesn't work when you are president.

Our commander-in-tweets is sowing chaos, doubt and confusion in the minds of the American Public, our military, and the world, and it is endangering the security of our country and our status in the world. Mr. President, please get normal.

Donald Moskowitz, Londonderry, New Hampshire