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Letters | Net neutrality a cause all sides should endorse; Duckworth deserves your support; Newspaper shows its conservative bias

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Greg Duckworth deserves

support for S.C. House

Greg Duckworth, candidate for District 104 of the S.C. House of Representatives knows what it is to be committed to those who elect you. Duckworth has served on the North Myrtle Beach City Council for three terms, and rarely missed a meeting, workshop or other activity of the council.

Not only has Duckworth attended, but he was active in moving items on the agenda forward to help the citizens of the area. And he was active in stopping items that would not help the citizens in the area. Duckworth volunteered his time to meet with various parties in the area to get input from them.

He listened to all the sides before making up his mind on a solution. Best of all, once he made up his mind, he explained to everyone why he made the decision he did — even if the group he was speaking with was on the opposite side of the issue. Duckworth never avoided phone calls, e-mails or visits from those on the other side of an issue.

He always participated and worked to make sure everyone was able to benefit in some way from the solutions he voted for. He worked every day to make sure the citizens received the best that government could offer and to keep government out of our lives when it didn’t offer anything of value. He’ll work to do that in Columbia when elected to the S.C. House.

Janine Huber

Little River


Paper’s coverage

demonstrates bias

I write this letter to shed light on the blatant instances of bias in your paper. On April 19, you printed a story in Section C captioned “Many in S.C. on Obamacare, but haven’t paid”. When you read the article you find that 6 out of 10 people have paid, and payment is not due until May 1, 2014. Your caption could have read “and 60 percent have paid early.”

Another recent example was the editorial reprinted April 18, 2014 from the Florence Morning News concerning “Stand Your Ground Laws.” The opening paragraph states “Thanks to hoodies and loud music in Florida, stand your ground laws are under an intense microscope.”

The opening paragraph should have read: “Due to the rash of people shooting unarmed law abiding citizens.” The article failed to include the recent shooting in a Tampa movie theater where a young father was shot dead for texting his daughter.

George M. Blumenthal

Little River


Net neutrality a cause

all parties should support

In these days of partisan politics, few issues enjoy the support of both Republicans and Democrats. I believe net neutrality is an issue that all residents of our beautiful state should vocally support. Everyone should be able to access any content or service on the Internet without government or private company gatekeepers slowing things down, blocking access, or prioritizing one site over another.

As we move towards a future increasingly tied to information and its speed of access, net neutrality has the potential to become as precious as our freedom of speech or religion. We are already paying Time Warner Cable (soon to be Comcast), Frontier, or HTC for our internet, and now they want to charge us a second time by collecting revenue from content providers like Netflix or Amazon who will then pass along those costs to us. Everyone who owns a computer or television should be outraged.

I urge all of my neighbors to take action. Tell the Obama-appointed FCC chair, Tom Wheeler, and our great congressional representatives Sen. Lindsey Graham, Sen. Tim Scott, and Rep. Tom Rice that net neutrality is not negotiable. To keep the internet open for everyone, the FCC must reclassify broadband as a Title II telecommunications service just like our telephone system.

L. Suzanne Pritchard

Little River