Letters to the Editor

Golf carts are not the problem

Re "Golf carts don’t belong on our roads" letter by Edward Silver.

In the 20-plus years I have lived in North Myrtle Beach, this golf cart accident was the first one I ever heard of. All the posts on Facebook, along with Mr. Silver’s letter to the editor, makes it sound like the golf cart driver who was killed was at fault because she was riding in a golf cart - not the driver who was speeding and passing a car on a small road where passing is not allowed.

What if it had been a kid on a bike? Should we say bikes should not be riding around? Or a kid on a skateboard? Or someone walking her dog? What if the person in the car is totally at fault?

Within the same week that this accident happened, there was a Jet Ski accident, and someone was killed on a bike - but nothing was posted about those being unsafe.

Most golf carts will go the speed limit of 25 mph, which is what the speed limit is on most of our avenues. And this is where you are allowed to ride, so what is the problem? Locals use their carts to go to the store, beach, restaurants and other places because of parking issues. With so little parking, you have more options, more places to park, with a golf cart.

The locals know the rules of the road with a golf cart, but the tourist who rents one for the week does not, so there is a problem with rental golf carts and the fact they are riding on Ocean Boulevard or at night, or letting under-age person drive, which means our police need to start giving tickets to stop this practice.

This is a beach town, and owning a golf cart to get around is as safe as driving a car; it is just unfortunate that some people do not know how to drive a car properly, which is why our auto insurance is so high here and there are so many accidents.

Anyone who owns or rents a golf cart should know the dangers of driving a golf cart, just like you know the dangers of a car, Mo-ped, motorcycle, skateboard or bike. Accidents will happen.

So for those of you who say golf carts do not belong on the roads, get over yourself and learn to have some fun. There are dangers everywhere; you just have to try to be as careful as you can and enjoy life.

The writer lives in North Myrtle Beach.