Letters to the Editor

Trump was a much better choice than Hillary

Re “You chose Trump because he’s crude and corrupt” letter by Wendy Marcinkiewicz.

The writer claims a previous writer calling Trump a carnival barker was off the mark. She claims those who voted for him got what they voted for and that he was voted for because he is neither black nor a woman.

Allow me to disagree!

Condoleezza Rice would have gotten my vote, had she chosen to run. Well, what do you know, she's black and a woman.

I voted for Trump simply because he isn't Hillary. I’m pretty sure many others voted for the same reason.

Yes, he is corrupt, which makes him a natural to run for political office; he just happens not to be a disbarred lawyer.

While he is showing himself to be a perfect fit with politics, he is simply illustrating how closely business and politics are related, such as making promises that are likely to fail because the rest of the board, in this case Congress, disagrees with the proposal. Then, like a good politician, he says, "It's their fault!

Robert Johnson, Longs