Letters to the Editor

Paper publishes too many liberal views

Editor’s note: The Sun News regularly publishes columns by conservative writers. The topics of the letters to the editor are determined by readers.

The Aug. 5 edition of The Sun News:

The editorial chosen was The Washington Post slamming Betsy DeVos’s efforts to overcome the disgrace of American public education by her support for charter schools.

Then the column by a Bloomberg View columnist was titled: "Trumps numbers show how bad things are for him." 

Then the first selected letter to the editor from Hyatt Massachusetts was titled: "States are right to defy Trump."

Then the chosen cartoon on the editorial page defaming Donald J. Trump Jr., with the ending panel showing a dark image of him saying: "Would I lie?"

The final selected letter to the editor from Allentown Pennsylvania promotes universal health care.

Finally, typically the best part of the paper — the comics section.

I write this with great sorrow as one with a lifetime habit of looking forward to reading the morning newspaper.

Do you have any desire to keep your customers with your consistent leftist selections? This newspaper’s readers do not have typical coastal values, but predominately still cling to typical American values such as constitutional conservatism.

George Henry Edwards, Surfside Beach