Letters to the Editor

Want more families in Myrtle Beach? Get rid of bikers

Myrtle Beach always has been and always will be a great family destination. What seems deceptive is trying to promote it as such. The truth of the matter is that chamber of commerce mentality will encourage anybody to come here as long as they spend money.

Explosive growth will always be accompanied by an element of undesirables. But when the Grand Strand rolls out the red carpet to two biker groups who have little intention of honoring law and order, we deserve whatever bad publicity we get.  No other tourist groups show as much disrespect to our area as these two and yet we seem powerless to control it. Locals and visitors run for cover the entire month of May so that we can accommodate in-your-face noise, racing, excessive alcohol and drug use, and violent behavior.

I think if we can some how lose both of these events, the residents and visitors who appreciate the change would, over time, more than make up for it economically. Otherwise, there won't be much room left for families in a biker town.

Richard Britt, Myrtle Beach