Letters to the Editor

Drug crisis is causing too much harm

There is a serious opiate addiction crisis facing our state, and personally our county, creating more crime, homelessness, over-populated institutions, and the list goes on.

Authorities across the nation have expressed deepest concern over the spread of addiction that is crippling our nation. This trend touches all demographics and all corners of society, with the nation’s death rate from opioid overdoses now surpassing total deaths from homicides and car accidents combined.

As Christians, we need to bind the spirit of addiction plaguing America. Opioid addiction is one of the main factors behind the recent decline in life-expectancy in the United States. This crisis is hurting families, leaving children orphaned or in foster care, and destroying communities. Let us specifically pray to break this stronghold and pray for healing. Pray for all agencies, ministries and pastors to have wisdom to set policies in place that will help eradicate this cycle and restore those bound to opiates.

Rev. Donna Phelps, Building Hope Ministries/Streetreach, Brunswick County, North Carolina