Letters to the Editor

Too much plastic is bad for our planet

Wake up! Become aware. See if you can go a day without seeing plastic pollution on the ground, the roads, in the trees, in the air, the sidewalks, the bushes, the beach and elsewhere.

This plastic pollution problem is not going away. It's not just a visual problem; it's a worldwide problem. 

We need to stop using plastic bags, straws, bottles, disposable cups, cutlery and plates.

Other countries and cities are aware. They are beginning to ban single-use plastic bags. They know. They care. We must do the same to save our planet, oceans, and sea creatures.

Plastic does not bio-degrade. It does not go back to the Earth. When it is eaten by land and sea animals and birds, it kills them.

Did you know? Do you care?

If we keep producing and using these plastic items, there will be more plastic than fish in the sea. Eventually, it will take over our world.

Please, think twice before using plastic products. There are good alternatives.

Catherine Tourloukis, Myrtle Beach