Letters to the Editor

Horry County services leave much to be desired

I am totally heartbroken by the treatment the unincorporated area of Horry County receives.

Our beach has filthy runoff pouring into the ocean. Parents aren't even warned of the danger with signs.

Ugly, moldy plastic trash cans line our beaches.

The Doll House is a nasty mess half taken down. Myrtle Beach City Council spends money left and right while the unincorporated area gets nothing for our tax dollars.

We have to pay for our trash pick up and storm debris while they receive services.

North Myrtle and Myrtle City have numerous beautiful beach accesses, with plentiful parking and bathroom facilities. We get nothing.

We are the red headed stepchild of Horry who gets forgotten and left without. We are tired of watching our tax dollars being invested everywhere but here.

Frances Suggs, Myrtle Beach