Letters to the Editor

Golf carts don’t belong on our roads

We get exposed at least a dozen times a day to the "Buckle up, it’s the law" ad by the S.C. Department of Public Safety, and I agree with them. But let's consider some common sense regarding this ad, an effort to keep us all safe.

I drive an SUV. It weighs four thousand pounds and has a steel frame. It has every safety feature known to man, including front air bags, side air bags and seat belts. Being caught not buckling up will cause me to be ticketed, paying a hefty fine to support the local economy.

Looking on the other side of this issue daily, we are exposed to seeing golf carts driving on most of the same roads that we do with none of the safety features I have in my SUV. There are numerous examples of young people operating these carts even though they are not old enough to have a driver’s license, or grandpa holding grandson or granddaughter sitting on his lap, or the young family with daddy driving, mom holding the newborn and two or three young children in the backseat holding on for dear life.

We have all witnessed this, scratching our heads as to why our elected officials allow this foolishness to continue. Will it take a tragedy of a whole family being wiped out in which these same elected officials should be held accountable?

Years ago when the Grand Strand was just a resort visited in the summer, renting a golf cart was hip. But now the same beach towns in which the population has quadrupled with the inflow of retirees, this unsafe practice should be eliminated.

Golf carts should be used as the name suggests -- on the golf course, not on our public roads.

Edward Silver, North Myrtle Beach