Letters to the Editor

People in Myrtle Beach are good

Recently, my dog, Fritz, escaped. Unbeknownst to me, the gate to the backyard was accidentally left unlocked by the landscapers. Panic set in. Immediately, I started scouring the neighborhood, calling his name, telling neighbors, as well as four young boys on bicycles who were eager to help me. I also made a posting on social media.

This all came to a great ending. A few hours later, my phone rings; tourists going to dinner at Luigi’s Trattoria found him. When I drove up to the restaurant, my Fritz was being held in the arms of a man whose family was gathered around him all smiling.

Luckily, my number was on his collar, and Fritz made it home. Just at dusk, the boys I encountered earlier on their bicycles came to my front door to check and see if my Fritz was home and okay.

This letter was written as one example of the good people who live in or visit our city.

Kent Jensen, Myrtle Beach