Letters to the Editor

You chose Trump because he’s crude and corrupt

Re "Time to admit it: Trump is ‘fast-talking carnival barker’" letter by Dick Withington.

No, Mr. Withington, you got what you voted for!

He wasn't black, or a woman, so you all voted him in. He is neither a Christian nor a Republican. He went to the Democrats in 2000 with Roger Stone to run for president, and they turned him down. Then he went to the Reform Party and failed to get the nomination.

This paragon of greed has been questionable ties to Russia since the 1980s. He wanted the ambassadorship to the U.S.S.R. from President Reagan. Reagan knew he wasn’t qualified

Stone and Paul Manafort were partners, and they seized the opportunity to present Trump as Putin's Manchurian candidate.

Trump, having his own Nazi-based agenda, jumped at that chance, and the unholy alliance began.

Manafort is a master of repackaging absolute despots into something that resembles greatness to the public.

Stop believing the media is fake and read about his past. 

Trump is bent on bringing down the government.

That's what the GOP wanted - and the rest of us pay the price.

I am no longer a registered Republican, since the primaries.

Wendy Marcinkiewicz, Myrtle Beach