Letters to the Editor

Kids today don’t know right from wrong

Re "S.C. ranks 10th among states with the most at-risk youth" article in The Sun News.

There were 10 key indicators pointing out why our state achieved such a poor rating. Environmental issues are part to blame, such as economic hardship, early pregnancy and violence. Obviously, his analysis is correct, but one must look a little deeper to determine some of the root causes helping create such an environment.

Here are some of the root causes I’ve identified:

1) Children are not being taught right from wrong, good from bad, or proper behavior from improper. School teachers, community, service representatives, etc., should not be expected to do this for parents. Permanent curfews should be created, similar to current curfews established by Myrtle Beach police.

2) Too many children are being raised in one-parent households. Fathers must be held partially responsible for these children. Anyone can have children, but it takes effort to be a parent.

3) People are relying on government to provide income, health benefits, food stamps and beyond. Welfare should not be allowed to be a way of life. I would suggest every able-bodied person be weaned off welfare unless he applies for jobs, does community service, or enters into job training programs. Maine, Texas and others have already enacted these conditions for welfare, and I implore South Carolina to do the same.

Driving around the county, I see numerous businesses with "help wanted" signs, and people should be required to apply if able to do so. I and most of my neighbors, if not all, worked all of our lives to earn what we have and appreciated the value of a dollar along the way.

I don't think these values are instilled in our youth today. Shameful!

The writer lives in Murrells Inlet.