Letters to the Editor

South Carolina needs to move on from Sen. Graham

Sen. Lindsey Graham has been described by various outlets as a leading senior Republican senator. He has spent many years in that body of lawmakers and maintains a very close relationship with Sen. John McCain.

Graham speaks out eloquently on conservative issues. But, as we have seen since President Trump took office, Graham's and McCain's actions simply do not support their claim of conservatism. In fact, they have joined hand-in-hand to support the anti-Trump liberal agenda.

The current debacle in the Senate regarding the healthcare vote proves clearly that, though the Senate has postured for votes over the last seven years by campaigning on 'repeal and replace' this was only done for show in order to generate votes. When the time finally came to put up or shut up not only did the senate not have a coordinated, unified plan but Senators Graham and McCain stood as clear obstructionists to any attempt to assemble one. The current debacle revealed that both men have decided to join together to simply resist this new president in all that he attempts. The Democrats solute you, sir.

We all must acknowledge that President Trump holds the office of the Presidency because the majority of American electors put him there to accomplish his agenda. We put him in office because American government has been unfettered and out of control for too long. Senators Graham and McCain have complacently presided over the Obama years without effect. We the people gave Republicans a majority in both houses precisely to clean up the mess of the Obama years, to clean out the Swamp, get our finances in order, enforce immigration law, and reinstate the traditional Judea-Christian values that once made this nation great... before we go the way of Venezuela.

When conservatives needed him most Senator Graham joined in spirit with the Democrats to make Republicans look ridiculous. He continues to support and is complacent with the Democratic pursuit of the Russian collusion rabbit hole in his role on the intelligence committee. He seeks a law to prevent dissolving the biased liberal witch hunt of the special counsel so the media can have field day bashing every business decision Trump ever made. And his only motivation seems to be that he had his feelings hurt by Mr. Trump who beat all 13 Republicans who ran against him.

So it is time to ask ourselves, why, now that Republicans control the agenda, does our own senior Senator Graham not pursue the clearly criminal activities of the Clintons? The admitted leaking of Comey and the senior FBI legal council? Illegal unmasking by Rice and others? IRS illegal targeting of conservatives? CIA and FBI pushing a false dossier of ridiculous charges against the president? Why does he not actively pursue the conservative agenda of the Trump administration? Why does he not use his influence to reduce government, get government out of healthcare, fight the illegal leaks, and secure our borders?

I believe Senator Graham clearly reveals by his actions that, after years in the Senate, our honorable senator has become part of "the Swamp" and a friend of all who are anti-Trump. He is simply too entitled and comfortable to help the conservative agenda. We need a change. 

The writer lives in North Myrtle Beach.