Letters to the Editor

Problems as far as the eye can see in Myrtle Beach area

Every time I read the paper or social media, things get worse. Our politicians are smart but lack common sense. It is the taxpayers’ money - not theirs.

Daytona Beach, Florida, has a population of 73,000 and a budget of $108 million. Myrtle Beach has a population of 32,000 and a budget of $89 million. The Daytona-area has tourists, too, and both areas have nearly the same property tax base.

And yet, taxes here have gone up $50 million in the past six years.

This area is getting out of hand with all the growth. We don’t need to spend $27 million on advertising this area. Word of mouth is the best thing. Please don’t tell me the one percent tourism tax helps the property owner. My taxes have gone up 22 percent the past three years. The Palace Theatre was torn down, but I will bet it could have been repaired for about the same cost. All this extra traffic we have helps only the hotels and restaurants.

All of these auto accidents and crimes are a result of over-crowding. A couple of good things are Grissom Parkway and S.C. 22.

But there was the superintendent of Horry County Schools, Cindy Elsberry, who resigned and received $420,000, even though she supposedly left on her own. And the former Horry County police chief received $60,000 to make up what she needed to retire with full benefits.

Myrtle Beach chief Gall got $180,000 when he left on his own. The Horry County police chief requested $380,000 for overtime during Bike Week. I am sure they gave it to him.

Myrtle Beach has 65 police officers come to this area for Bikefest. We have to feed them, pay them, and house them. Wow!

And that traffic loop is a disaster. It was not put up the final day due to rain and a lack of traffic.

And we are so short of money that we have to use parking meters?

And Horry County employees get 25 days off when they start working.

And do we really need 300 employees at J. Reuben Long Detention Center?

It is time to vote these people out of office and get some officials who know what they are doing and use common sense.

Imagine what this area is going to look like in 10 more years.

The writer lives in Myrtle Beach.