Letters to the Editor

Time to admit it: Trump is ‘fast-talking carnival barker’

After just six months in office, it is clear President Trump is not the man he pretended to be. He is really a failed businessman who is propped up by Russian and German loans. His business deals are allegedly being investigated.

He is disloyal to his friends, such as Attorney General Jeff Sessions and former Press Secretary Sean Spicer, when they no longer serve his personal whims. He clearly tries to put himself ahead of the law and spouts excuses for his failures by blaming everyone else. 

I feel we've been hustled by a fast-talking carnival barker ranting about "building a wall" and "making America great again". These are good slogans. But one is unrealistic, and he has done nothing concrete to make the other reality. His constant lies are hurting our country.

He is so used to getting his way without having to work with others, his style is revealing his autocratic personality. Let's face it; the guy is a bully. He is also lazy and doesn't study the issues, like healthcare. He prefers 140-letter tweets.

Unless these investigations into his deals with Russia move faster, impeachment is far away. I hope he wakes up to reality and just resigns. Or maybe he should pardon himself first.

Dick Withington, Myrtle Beach