Letters to the Editor

Myrtle Beach area must invest in a top-notch swim facility

We love the area we live and play in. However, the lack of decent swim facilities in the greater Myrtle Beach area is deplorable. The current facilities in the area are in disrepair, are too tiny, and frankly, insufficient for a town of this size. 

We are constantly looking to further develop Myrtle Beach as a tourist destination. Wouldn't it be wonderful to restore the reputation of our town to a family-friendly destination? What better way to do this than by building a large, state of the art swim facility.

Such a facility would be a huge step in the right direction to rebuilding Myrtle Beach's reputation. Additionally, the revenue and tourism that could be generated from swim meets would greatly benefit the town and the local businesses. 

Swim is a year-round sport with a huge number of participants locally, as well as in neighboring states. These are dollars waiting to be spent in our community. Shouldn't our planners be considering such a project that would benefit our community?

Laura M. Tate, Pawleys Island