Letters to the Editor

Our great country is not better under Trump

Re “Trump is already making America great again“ letter by John E Bonsignor.

You have the temerity to say President Trump is the savior of the country. He promised the sun and the moon and did not deliver anything. He has not enacted any major legislation. The XL Keystone Pipeline is a failure because no one wants the oil; it’s too expensive.

His slogan is “Make America Great Again”. Why? He cannot see the forest for the trees. He is not forward-thinking; he is backward-thinking. He has not signed significant bills, only 36 executive orders.

His “repeal and replacement” of the Affordable Care Act, which he said on day one would be repealed and replaced, did not happen. It is going nowhere.

You say Trump is frank? He double-talks. He lies and does not know basic civics.

He is, without a doubt, the worst leader. This country deserves better.

Nick Siotka, Longs