Letters to the Editor

Shut down unsavory businesses in Myrtle Beach

In light of the most recent shootings in downtown Myrtle Beach, and referencing Mayor Rhodes’ statement, “these shootings damage Myrtle Beach’s reputation as family friendly, I am asking City Council to take a long hard look at these “family friendly” resort towns: Cape Cod, Massachusetts.; Newport, Rhode Island; Montauk, New York; Ocean City, New Jersey; Cape May, New Jersey; Rehoboth Beach, Delaware; and Tybee Island, Georgia.

They do not allow a proliferation of “gentlemen’s clubs,” no sales of drug paraphernalia or related items, no sales of profanity-laden T-shirt shops, and on and on. By city ordinance, they do not allow the licensing and existence of business that cater to the undesirable element that seems to flourish where the “non-family” activity exists.

There was discussion recently by City Council to attempt to clean up the downtown area of such types of business, but the result as that “we don’t want to really put merchants out of business.”

If you really want to create a true family-friendly atmosphere in Myrtle Beach and want to attract a non-violent group of visitors, then you need to put these types of businesses out of business. A makeover of certain sections of Ocean Boulevard is desperately needed, and a City Council that represents the long-term interests of the citizens and merchants of Myrtle Beach would have no problem taking this town into the future as a viable resort for law-abiding citizens and families.

Henry Weiss, Myrtle Beach