Letters to the Editor

Former atheist knows Jesus is real - because he is

I recommend the movie, “The Case for Christ.” The movie tells the true story of liberal lawyer, atheist-turned-Christian, Lee Strobel.

The movie is a love story, and a conversion story. Strobel wrote: “My wife was agnostic. Then one day, through the influence of a friend and a church, she met Jesus. The first word to come into my mind: divorce. As portrayed in 'The Case for Christ,' movie based on our story, I set out to disprove her beliefs and rescue her from the cult of Christianity. Oops. After nearly two years, the scales tipped,”

He continues: “Having encountered the persuasive evidence for Christianity, I concluded it would have required more faith to maintain my atheism than to become a believer.”

William Ramsay, after spending 15 years trying to destroy Luke's credentials as a historian and refute the reliability of the Bible concluded: “Luke is a historian of the first rank and should be placed along with the very greatest historians.”

Josh McDowell was asked why he couldn't refute Christianity. He said, “for a very simple reason, I am unable to explain away an event in history-the resurrection of Jesus.”

We are confronted with these historical facts: 1) The giant stone was moved and the tomb was really empty; 2) After rising from the dead, Jesus appeared to and spoke with individuals and groups, including one group of more than 500 people; 3) The Jewish leaders couldn't disprove the disciples claim that Jesus had risen from the dead; 4) Many gave their lives because they wouldn't deny Jesus had risen from the dead.

Knowing our Christian faith is based on solid historical facts of the empty tomb and the risen Jesus, we can celebrate the most glorious, important and life changing morning in world history - Easter!

D.D. Nave, Elizabethton, Tennessee