Letters to the Editor

Confederate flag not cause of black people’s problems; they are

Why is it that the Confederate flag is being held hostage and blamed for all the mistreatments of black society? Why are monuments being removed and names taken off buildings for people who supported Southern slavery?

The Confederate flag was only a part of history for just the period of the Civil war. The North was more a mechanized area, but they did possess slaves. The South was an agricultural area and slavery was absolutely necessary to provide the foods and goods necessary to build this country. Taking this away form the South meant a complete change in productivity. Freeing the slaves was just not an option at the time. The treatment of the Black people at this time was hideous and should not have been condoned, things escalated and next thing you know we have a Civil war. It would have been great if the legislators and owners and states could have come up with a true Civil Rights agreement where the slaves’ living conditions had standards, and a pay structure was employed and there was a blend of our societies. But that didn't happen. However, the black man held an extremely important place in the development of this country. We would not be the America of today if were not for these efforts.

If we think back to when slaves were being imported into this country, there was no Confederate flag. They were brought into the ports of Baltimore, Charleston, Savannah, and many other places. George Washington owned slaves. Thomas Jefferson owned slaves. There are monuments to those men. The Confederate flag stood for an American lifestyle that the South did not want to change. The people who died in this war were all Americans, more than 600,000 of them. We cannot and should not regard the South as non-American. The Confederate flag, the monuments, the politicians, the soldiers, the South had their version of the American way and were willing to fight and die for it. Rebel soldiers need their honor, as do all veteran Americans. Do not take their beliefs away through the use of the word racism.

The movie “Hidden Figures” was a great example of determination and eagerness to be part of the American way. This is the way all of Black America should think and act. Yet, we have black neighborhoods, and a prison system that is 70 percent black. We have rap music being played so loud that four cars in all directions are rocked by the music. We have pants pulled down the behind, and dreadlocks. It is a statement of hatred or a dare to do something about it.

We just don't need it and the very reason we cannot make peace.

The black man has it better today than ever before, but they are doing more to harm this freedom than to use it. Our welfare system is so abused and only insures a larger lack of effort to do things the American Way. It is up to the black Americans to clean their neighborhoods, get rid of gang, drug and domestic violence. Just look at the news; all you see are stories of robberies, guns at night clubs and murders. Can they not just work it out?

The writer lives in Garden City Beach.