Letters to the Editor

Writer’s defense of Kaepernick is galling

Re “The problem with kneeling: Why Kaepernick should have an NFL job and Tebow shouldn’t” by Sun News columnist David Wetzel.

I certainly hope Mr. Wetzel wrote this article to get some people going.

Never use other people’s wrongs to make another person’s wrong, right. SMH. Colin Kaepernick works for someone, just like you and I do. And if he wants to demonstrate, let him do it on his time, not the boss’s time. You’re on The Sun News dime, and you'll abide by their rules, right?

Our young people don't need to see that kind of disrespect for our country. We've got kids killing kids for their tennis shoes, so we certainly should rebuke any individual like Kaepernick. How about writing about people that honor God and Country.

Gary Hutchinson, Myrtle Beach