Letters to the Editor

You promised ‘jobs, jobs, jobs,’ Rep. Rice

“Jobs, Jobs, Jobs” is the plaque placed prominently on Congressman Tom Rice’s huge desk. But when looking around the Lower Pee Dee, I see very little improvement of any new or relocated businesses within the Seventh Congressional District.

Where are the good-paying jobs? The market here is so bad that Rice’s young son had to go to Chicago to get a good-paying job. And so the saying goes, that politicians who seek public office will promise anything to get elected, and when they win, their promises fade away.

My gripe with elected office holders are they don’t keep their word and very seldom, if ever, return phone calls or answer letters. If they respond at all, they usually send you a canned form letter with a note at the bottom asking for a contribution.

They pay little or no attention in reading or understanding legislation ready to be voted on. They take too many free trips to conferences where very little is accomplished. They waste taxpayers money promoting themselves, pad their pensions and health insurance, along with other perks – all to get re-elected.

If a backbencher wants to wake up and be instrumental in getting this country moving forward again they must keep their promises, cut taxes, engage in repealing Obamacare, have the Army Corps of Engineering immediately file a correct flood and evacuation plan, or at least start the SELL project.

We need to protect the residents of the this district – the people who voted for Tom Rice.

I can go on with many more pressing issues, but these small issues need to be looked at now.

Congressman Rice, it is time you start doing what you pledged instead of sitting idly by and looking at legislation passing you by. The time to act is now. Start some of these projects and jobs, jobs, jobs will come.

The writer lives in Murrells Inlet.