Letters to the Editor

President Trump is a genius, not inept

In a letter to the editor, the writer described President Donald Trump as “inept.” The writer sounds like a shill for the Democratic Party, using its playbook of, tell a lie long enough, it will be believed.

If Trump is so inept, what would Einstein be called, a non-genius? Trump has the highest IQ of any living president. He exudes confidence and leadership. He is logical, fair and positive. You will not see him bowing to the King of Saudi Arabia, but you will see him hand a bill to Angela Merkel for Germany's past due payments to NATO.

Trump is a champion of America and of our values. He will not criticize America as a failure, as did the former president.

Democrats have cut him off at the path at every turn, slowly dragging their feet on his appointments, accusing him of everything under the sun with the Russians. About 96 percent of the press dislikes him; countless negative stories excoriating him have been written over the past several weeks, with nary a positive nod on his leadership abilities regarding trade, the economy, jobs - Ford retaining and creating 7,000 jobs with the union overjoyed - companies relocating or staying in the U S, and so on.

My question to that writer is how can an incompetent or inept person be a billionaire, win an election where the odds of winning were slight; garner 305 electoral votes; turn Democratic states into Republican votes; lose by a slight plurality of the votes; and win the vast majority of counties in the United States?

The writer of the disrespectful letter cites the U.S. Constitution as his defense against President Trump and then goes on to misinterpret it.

Let me illustrate several points.

No. 1: That the southern border wall will be built; bids have gone out.

No. 2: He asked for a 90-day period to vet refugees from the same list of countries the Obama administration chose.

No. 3: He is not against immigration, only those who enter the country illegally, and wants to deport criminals and gang members.

No. 4: Many generals, admirals, diplomats and scholars have praised him for his military competence and logistical skills.

No. 5: Trade has been one-sided in favor of our trading partners; the days of wine and roses are over for them.

No. 6: He is a fierce supporter of the constitution, especially of the First, Second and Fifth Amendments, whereas Democrats wish to change many of them, especially the First and Second.

The writer’s last sentence praised the constitution, believing it will save us from President Trump while Democrats and President Obama want to do away with it.

I say to all, this is nonsense. Go Trump, go.

The writer lives in Myrtle Beach.