Letters to the Editor

Schools making it impossible for kids to thrive

The government now owns our children. If you don’t believe it, try letting your kindergartner sleep late to complete his sleep cycle and you will have a letter from a probate judge!

Kindergartners need to go to bed at 5 p.m. in order to get enough sleep. Doing that would prevent them from ever being with their family for quality time. Their behavior is worse because of lack of free time and sleep. Four-year-olds are better behaved than kindergartens because they are allowed a nap.

Our children are required to get up by an alarm clock before their sleep cycle is completed. Then they are rushed out the door. They are regulated every minute and given all the homework that they can possibly do before bedtime. Even on school breaks, they are assigned projects to keep them from quality time with their families.

A parent has to give 24 hours notice before visiting the school. The parents and everyone else is locked out of the school. There is no freedom of access.

They need time after dinner for the family to share the day and bond. Parents cannot teach their children because their children already have too many things with which to deal. When children come home all stressed from lack of breaks and free time at recess, they are incapable of learning anything.

How can our senators sit in Columbia and not do anything about the stress on our children?

Patricia Milley, Conway