Letters to the Editor

Beach tents help prevent skin cancer

As I sit back and watch the controversy unveil regarding the use of tents on Surfside Beach, I am continuously amazed and a bit appalled by the lack of good judgement. As a healthcare professional myself, and the wife of a spouse who was diagnosed with melanoma (malignant skin cancer), I would hope that educated council members, with a remit to serve the welfare of their community, would apply some sense of reason.

Families, tourists and Surfside residents all come here to enjoy the beach and the family community that Surfside Beach offers. Along with that comes the enjoyment of the ocean and its beaches. Protecting ourselves from the damaging rays of the sun is critical to people of all ages (not just children) and tents provide protection well beyond the use of sunscreen.

Can someone with some medical common sense please rise to the occasion and offer a bit of rational thinking on this issue!

Dr. Jill Leite, Surfside Beach