Letters to the Editor

Let tourists pay for the roads

What's wrong with you folks? We have more than a million tourists driving to the beach every year; hundreds of out-of-state trucks driving on our roads everyday; and no telling how many out-of-state cars driving through South Carolina daily.

They should help pay for that use; an increase of five cents a gallon would help. Now every city and county has to pass a 1 percent sales tax just to try to maintain these poor excuses for roads. The maintenance on your vehicles is costing you more money than that nickel increase.

I had to replace an axle on a trailer that was less than five years old because of the condition of the roads. Think!

The roads will need to be repaired. Do you want to pay for bonds or other taxes? Let the people who use the roads pay for them, a nickel at a time. And let's find a governor to vote for who is not a flip-flopper.

John Bendele, Conway