Letters to the Editor

We need more cops on Ocean Boulevard

The people directly responsible for a safe environment in the Myrtle Beach area are once again inept at figuring out what residents, day visitors, and vacationers expect from our civic leaders.

Millions of dollars are spent promoting this area on TV commercials and other ads. They run throughout the year, furthering Myrtle Beach as a family place that offers a diversification of people, wonderful climate, and extensive opportunities for fun, relaxation and job opportunities. Another shooting, another killing, another terrible incident on Ocean Boulevard, and all those families from New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Ohio who vacation here will soon find a safer place to spend their money. And the millions spent on advertising emphasizing the benefits of Myrtle Beach will be for nothing.

The merchants on Ocean Boulevard blame the police; the police blame the merchants; and civic leaders suggest the culture must change. As expected, just the usual kind of posturing leadership makes, just blame others.

Citizens deserve a safe environment, and it is apparently clear that Ocean Boulevard needs a larger police presence. Whether it is on foot, on pedal bikes, on motorcycles, in cruisers, or even installing a sub-station during the vacation season, police must be vigilant against an element that deters families from visiting here.

This kind of influence will be well received and appreciated by law-abiding citizens.

Place enough policemen in this area, increase citations and arrests for illegal violations, and this element will find it difficult to conduct business.

William Schuck, North Myrtle Beach