Letters to the Editor

Give us more Myrtle Beach Pelicans

Editor’s note: Early print deadlines for The Sun News sometime make it difficult for the coverage of baseball and other sports events occurring in the evening or late at night to make it into the hard copy of the paper.

I read with glee in The Sun News the letter from a local complaining about the lack of coverage this newspaper gives the Myrtle Beach Pelicans.

I assume, being in the newspaper business, you might have heard of them. All they did the last two years was win their league, which is the Carolina League.

Maybe you guys might have heard of their parent club? They’re called the Chicago Cubs who, by the way, won the World Series last year.

Yet whenever I check your sports page, I hardly ever see a box score concerning the Pelicans, nor do I ever see any names of the players on the team or how they are doing overall. Are the Pelicans a military secret in your sports department?

I'm tired of searching through your newspaper looking for info on our local professional baseball team and not finding it. Maybe it's time to change the lineup in your sports department.

Richard Simonetti, Calabash, North Carolina