Letters to the Editor

Help save Social Security

The Social Security Trust Fund is the biggest Ponzi scheme foisted on American workers. Workers’ tax contributions have been incorporated into the general fund, which issues IOU’s in the amount collected into the so-called “trust fund.”

The Supreme Court has ruled that no worker has a contractual right to these contributions, as these IOU’s have no actual value. The actual contributions have been spent on wars and tax cuts for the wealthy. A miniscule amount was actually paid out to retired workers.

Congress must pay (repay) the Social Security Trust Fund $2.54 trillion and purchase actual Treasury Notes with the surplus, earning real interest, so that Social Security payments actually last at least until 2037.

These were monies “appropriated” from unsuspecting American workers by this fraud perpetrated upon them.

Don’t let congress wait until it is too late for you. Call or write them today.

John P. Parkinson, Myrtle Beach