Letters to the Editor

The Sun News is wrong about ‘smut,’ Myrtle Beach is right

RE: “Smutty souvenir’ or harmless fun? Myrtle Beach should not decide” editorial.

The Editorial Board states, “A family-oriented environment on Ocean Boulevard is a good goal that surely can be achieved without draconian measures – likely conflicting with the First Amendment – in dictating what merchants may offer in their shops.”

Something must be done to curb the senseless shootings, muggings, narcotics use and sale, such as heroin and cocaine, plus prostitution, along Ocean Boulevard. I give Myrtle Beach city government credit for trying to attain normalcy at what was once a “family beach.”

Surely the sale of smutty T-shirts, utensils to smoke marijuana and methamphetamine, plus other paraphernalia for drug use, and the sale of weapons such as Rambo knives and brass knuckles in the heart of Ocean Boulevard creates an environment for this type of illegal activity to thrive.

I am shocked that The Sun News Editorial Board would shun attempts by the city to rid Ocean Boulevard of these nuisance shops and bring the beach back to families. The editors have their priorities all wrong.

Barbara J. Runion, Myrtle Beach