Letters to the Editor

Elitist Democrats remain out of touch

Terry Munson, the letter to the editor writer from Pawleys Island, needs to take a close look at his beloved Democratic Party. (Hint: It ain't JFK's party anymore).

If they can be defined by the Democratic National Committee, one need look no further than their recent election for party chairman. It was a hotly-contested race between the eventual winner,,avowed communist Thomas Perez, and Keith Ellison, who took the oath of office on the Koran). Finishing a distant third was Pete Buttigieg, a gay man.

Wow. Those Dems sure reached out to try and identify with those ignorant voters in America's heartland who supported President Trump!

Perez will be a perfect fit since most Democrats, especially those who identify as “progressives,” espouse the basic communist lunacy of government ownership and control. Anticipating howls of protest from readers that progressives are not communists but are merely socialists, recall Ayn Rand's classic analogy: “The difference between socialism and communism is like the difference between suicide and murder.”

Bob Gruy, Pawleys Island