Letters to the Editor

Myrtle Beach leaders sucking the joy out of the place

In regards to parking fees along the Golden Mile, RIDE III, the penny tax in Myrtle Beach, etc.

The mayor and council members say tourists pay the bulk of these fees and taxes. How many of those tourists are trapped into shopping for TV sets and major appliances at Best Buy, Costco and Sam's Club? That would be us, the locals. Our big item “savings” go into Myrtle Beach's tax coffers.

How many tourists staying at the Beach drive to parking from their oceanfront condos and hotel rooms? None. But locals do.

How many tourists are inconvenienced by construction all year long? Few. Most locals are.

We are providing the bulk of the cash for Myrtle Beach fat cats to spend. What should be the official mascot of Myrtle Beach? The tick. You're sucking the joy out of living near the beach.

Dave Rudnicki, Conway