Letters to the Editor

What’s the real story behind Horry County police problems?

Our Horry County Police Department seems to be plagued with problems. Could this be a case of gross mismanagement, and by whom?

What were the qualifications of our past police chief? Who hired her? Why was she "ushered" out so quickly? Other than our county administrator, who knew of or approved of a $60,000-taxpayer funded buyout? What line of the county budget did the funds come from? Does the County Administrator have authority to just decide to write a $60,000 check?

Where was the oversight? Is the performance of our Horry County police important enough to warrant some attention? What is Horry County Council doing? What does the internal affairs officer who was demoted know? There is definitely more to the story.

Will the taxpayers who provided the funds for this mess ever get the full story? The lack of oversight is clearly a problem of taxpayers electing politicians instead of experienced managers who know how to manage funds and hold people accountable or evaluate a resume, including in the case of hiring Sandra Rhodes. Her performance illustrates the inept performance of the people who hired her.

As usual, no one is responsible; it's only taxpayer money.

John Martinez, Conway