Letters to the Editor

Democratic obstruction proves time for change is now

If ever there was a case to be made for term limits in Congress, it is being made for us right now. Ideology and partisanship are rampant and on full display, especially in the Senate.

Senators are elected to do two jobs: do what is good for their state, and what is best for the country. This balancing makes it a tough job in the best of times. These days, too many decisions seem to be made based on how it will affect the next election. An example of this was on display with the confirmation hearings for Supreme Court Justice Judge Gorsuch.

During his nomination for the appeals court, he was universally praised by both parties. He was elected to the Tenth Circuit of Appeals by unanimous voice vote.

The Senate confirmation hearings are and should be embarrassing for all Democrats. All those who originally sang his praises made much ado about nothing or even created falsehoods during their questioning.

What changed? Did they act this way simply because Judge Merrick Garland did not get a hearing? This is petty and akin to a child saying, “It’s my ball and I’ll make the rules or you can’t play."

Or was it because those donating the most money are saying if you don’t do this we won’t fund your next campaign? The extremely poor behavior shown by the Democrats with their apparent focus on the next election disqualifies them for public office.

Unfortunately, the openly way this will change is to set term limits for all government offices. Maybe then our elected officials will be able to do the people’s business.

The writer lives in Murrells Inlet.