Letters to the Editor

End Myrtle Beach’s ‘sandy killing fields’ by voting out mayor, City Council

Re “Readers right about Trump and Myrtle Beach leaders” letter by Thomas Herron.

Mr. Herron pointed out the ineffective management by Mayor John Rhodes and Myrtle Beach City Council over many years. In addition to the many “iron-fisted” decisions made by this group, I want to, again, add the inability to provide qualified safety on our beaches.

Rhodes continues to implement the beach services contractor method of providing lifeguards on city beaches. This process has proven to be deadly, yet Rhodes continues to sign these contracts.

Beach safety contractors allow an average of three to six drownings each year along the Grand Strand during lifeguard protected-hours. He does not have a clue. Other Atlantic coast beaches, with much more hazardous conditions to deal with, have not had a beach drowning in more than 60 years.

I applaud you, Mr. Herron, and hope everyone will heed his call.

This November, we must take our city and our city beaches back and fix the sandy killing fields.

Jim DeFeo, Surfside Beach