Letters to the Editor

Time to rid ourselves of mindless cable news

I want the three main cable news channels – Fox News, MSNBC and CNN -- to either be abolished or boycott. Here’s why.

I read The Wall Street Journal recently. It had at least 10 articles which I found interesting, such as the Wells Fargo scandal; video game makers not hiring; the Fed shift in monetary policy; the net-neutrality issue; and group-family intervention, among others.

Did any of these stories appear on the so-called cable news channels? I don’t know because I don’t watch these channels all day long, but I doubt it. If they did, I’m sure it was a very short, single segment.

They don’t cover news like newspapers even though they have 24 hours to do so, and I’m sure they have a much bigger budget. Instead, they cover politics almost non-stop, and most of that coverage is opinion, as if you or I care about their opinions.

Stop watching cable news.

Brian Kasprzyk, Little River