Letters to the Editor

Trump voters still love him; take that, liberal media

President Trump's supporters still back him; Hillary Clinton’s voters, not so much. That is quite a surprise.

I guess all the negative press regarding Donald Trump has not changed a thing.

Here is another surprise, or maybe not. According to a recent poll in Oregon, a liberal stronghold, more than 60 percent of demonstrators did not vote in the last election. Possibly some of the negative stats published in today's Sun News came from people who did not vote?

In my opinion, if you do not vote, your opinion should not make the newspaper.

Another point in the polling suggested that only 38 percent thought Trump was honest, compared to 61 percent who believed President Clinton was honest. Of course Clinton was impeached for lying about sexual misconduct in the workplace. In addition, he lost his ability to practice law. So who are these people that were polled?

In another paragraph, the article states that the public was in agreement with Trump on a particular issue, but his critics were not. I wonder who are these critics? Maybe CNN or MSNBC or the New York Times?

Finally, according to the last paragraph in the article, if the election were held today, Trump would still win, except by more votes. This article tried to paint a different view. I guess they were wrong.

Ron Poole, Little River