Letters to the Editor

Rally in North Myrtle Beach to save the planet

A protest rally and march will be held in North Myrtle Beach to call attention to the arbitrary dismissal of the regulations that protect our oceans, rivers and lakes from increasing pollution, and keep our air clean.

We are holding the march on the 100th day of the Trump administration because so many drastic cuts have been proposed in the budget and by executive order in this very short time We must not let that happen to our country.

This deregulation will only help those who seek to contaminate. It will seriously harm the rest of us.

Please let us know if you will join us, bring a sign, wear your best environmental shirt, and put on an armband ripped from a piece of black plastic. Please carpool whenever possible.

We gather at 10 a.m. Saturday, April 29 at McLean Park, Shelter 3, just off Main Street and will demonstrate that local people care about these issues and can change the direction from South Carolina.

If you cannot attend, please contact your congress person and let your views be known.

Our rally and march will be peaceful, non-partisan and very passionate.

Sherry Kelley, North Myrtle Beach