Letter | North Myrtle Beach needs to revise parking rules in horseshoe area


North Myrtle Beach needsto accommodate golf carts

Regarding parking issues at the horseshoe in North Myrtle Beach, it makes sense to me to have all the golf carts (they have increased over the years) park in the middle of the street, leaving the outer parking spaces for cars.

You can fit so many more golf carts in the area in the middle than cars. On a recent Sunday, I pulled into the horseshoe only to have cars, pick up trucks, SUVs parked in the middle. They take up more room and some extend out, blocking the road.

I do not own a golf cart so have no vested interest in parking there — only to either park on outer areas or even walk through with my beach gear. There should be signs “for golf cart parking only” and tickets given out to people too lazy to park across the street in public parking and walk across if the outer spaces are filled.

Catherine Correa

North Myrtle Beach