South Carolina

No, Facebook. Hilton Head private school did not take a strip-club field trip

The unfortunate parking of an out-of-service Hilton Head Island school bus this week added some serious insult to its injury.

The Hilton Head Preparatory School bus was parked off Dunnagans Alley awaiting a new tire, but its proximity to the Millennium Cabaret strip club had some wondering if it wasn’t there for a different kind of service.

A photo of the bus in the joint parking lot of Island Tire and Automotive Services and the adult club quickly spread on Facebook on Monday. It had more than 200 shares on Tuesday morning, about a day after it was posted by Todd Curry of Hilton Head.

“South Carolina education! Parked in front of strip club!” Curry wrote.

Some people jumped to the private school’s defense, explaining that the bus was being repaired by Island Tire, which is a few hundred feet away from the club.

That’s true, Island Tire and the school said Tuesday morning.

“It’s silly that people would have even thought that our bus would be parked in front of that” club, Hilton Head Prep director of development Margot Brown said.

The bus blew a tire last week and was parked outside the shop until it was picked up Monday, after the business got in another school-bus sized tire, Island Tire owner Barry Edwards said.

"It makes a good photo but it was parked for service," Edwards said, adding that it’s “unfortunate” people would try to portray a school in a negative light.

The simple explanation hasn’t stopped people from posting more imaginative comments.

Maybe the students needed a pick-me-up after a hard test, one joked. An end of school fieldtrip. Or maybe adult education has changed since he was in high school, another said.

Maybe, next time, Island Tire will find somewhere else to park its oversized clients.

Rebecca Lurye: 843-706-8155, @IPBG_Rebecca