Lindsey Graham smashing phones in new video

COLUMBIA, SC U.S. Sen Lindsey Graham was serious when he said he was getting rid of his flip cell-phone after Donald Trump dished out his number during a speech Tuesday.

The Seneca Republican and 2016 presidential hopeful is shown a video released by IJ Review on Wednesday called “How to destroy your cell phone with Lindsey Graham.”

In slow motion, Graham is shown destroying flip phones with a meat cleaver, wooden samurai sword, blender, golf club, brick and toaster. Graham also burns a lighter fluid-soaked phone and drops another from a rooftop.

The video ends with Graham saying, "Or if all else fails, you can give your number to the Donald."

Then he turns to throw away another phone and says, "This is for all the veterans.”

Graham’s campaign said he plans to trade his old flip phone for a smart phone in addition to changing his number after his GOP presidential rival’s revenge for Graham calling Trump a “jackass.”

Graham’s campaign said he shot the video Wednesday, “because the idea of Donald Trump as commander in chief is comical. So Sen. Graham is going to continue to have fun with it.”