Horry County Schools’ 2015 graduates earn $67.6 million in scholarships

Horry County Schools’ class of 2015 set a new record by earning $67.6 million in scholarships, an increase of $7.7 million over last year.

The scholarship amounts have been going up every year as the district grows and they discover more of what’s available, officials say.

“The numbers represent a lot of hard work between parents and students, and teachers and administrators,” said Joe DeFeo, Horry County Schools Board of Education chairman. “The hard work in the classroom is where most of the benefits are seen.”

2015 | $67.6 million

2014 | $59.9 million

2013 | $50.2 million

Out of the district’s 10 high schools, Socastee High School students earned the most scholarship money with a total of $16,084,733. Seventy-six percent of Socastee grads earned scholarships.

Carolina Forest High graduates earned the second most in scholarships; $11,824,600 with 64 percent of students receiving scholarships.

Here’s what the other high schools’ graduates raked in:

▪ Aynor High; $3,575,300; 89 percent earning scholarships

▪ Conway High; $4,225,312; 50 percent earning scholarships

▪ HCS Early College High: $2,604,269; 72 percent earning scholarships

▪ Green Sea Floyds High: $1,102,680; 50 percent earning scholarships

▪ Loris High: $4,076,177; 45 percent earning scholarships

▪ Myrtle Beach High: $6,606,904; 63 percent earning scholarships

▪ North Myrtle Beach High: $7,610,409; 72 percent earning scholarships

▪ St. James High: $9,890,694; 69 percent earning scholarships

Why is it growing?

As school officials learn more about scholarship programs and sources, student earnings also increase, DeFeo said. Education on scholarship websites and opportunities add to the success of Horry County graduates.

“We’re getting more students every year, but our total scholarship earnings are rising too,” DeFeo said. “Awareness of the opportunities available to students – and the fact that student grades are rising – helps.”

What’s next for Class of 2015?

▪ 79 percent | Attend four-year college or university

▪ 38 percent | Attend two-year college

▪ 6 percent | Job

▪ 4 percent | Armed Forces

The increase of $17.2 million in scholarship funding over two years demonstrates the success of students, parents and teachers at Horry County high schools.

“These numbers are going to continue to go up in the future,” DeFeo said.

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